• A program placing CalWORKs participants in work sites allowing them an opportunity to develop job skills.
  • Placements are temporary and non-salaried assignments with a NON-PROFIT (including municipal bodies) or FOR-PROFIT organization that matches their employment goal.
  • Assignments will last 3 to 6 months; there is no obligation for the work site to hire the participant at the end of the assignment.

The work site supervisor:

  • Is an employee of the non-profit organization, assigned to train and supervise the participant.
  • Is responsible for teaching basic work skills and provides feedback on the trainee’s performance, attendance, and work ethics.
  • Is to assist trainees in learning the basic skills of a work place (i.e., attendance, communication, problem-solving, how to handle positive/negative feedback, etc.).

The work site coordinator:

  • Will be assigned to each work site, and functions as the primary contact with the Department of Social Services (DSS).
  • Is responsible for conducting work site visits and monitoring the placement to make sure that the trainee is learning new skills and meeting expectations.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance:

  • CalWORKs Work Experience participants are covered for worker’s compensation benefits through the State of California Department of Social Services. Any injuries must be reported to DSS within 24 hours.

If you are an interested employer and would like more information about this incentive please contact your DSS Job Developer or the EDC at bear@fresnoedc.com or (559) 464-5550.