I. The EMPLOYER (Herein known as the ‘CONTRACTOR’) is to ensure the employment of a subsidized participant:
a. Does not result in the displacement of currently employed workers; impair existing contracts or result in the substitution of subsidized employment funds for other funds in connection with work that would otherwise be performed.
b. Shall be subject to the same hours of work, rules and regulations, rate of pay and accorded the same benefits as other non-subsidized employees of CONTRACTOR.
c. Shall be compensated equitably to similarly situated employees and will be no less than the minimum or prevailing wage.
d. Shall not be hired or remain working in any position when any person not supported by this Agreement is on layoff from the same or substantially equivalent job, or at a location affected by a labor dispute involving a work stoppage.
e. Shall not infringe on promotional opportunities of regular employees.
f. Shall be provided with Worker’s Compensation coverage and with safety instructions and equipment necessary for reasonable protection against injury and damage.
g. Shall not encompass political and/or sectarian activities, or the promotion or deterrence of union organizing.
h. Shall provide a grievance procedure for participants which will include the requirements outlined in Manual Policies and Procedures (MPP) Section 42-720.4, by this reference incorporated herein and at a minimum include

  • i. Information about the employees’ rights under the law regarding displacement by a subsidized participant.
  • ii. Information about the informal resolution and formal hearing processes.
  • iii. Specific requirements about how to submit a grievance.
  • iv. Where to send the grievance A notice will be developed for the CONTRACTORs use and will be distributed to CONTRACTOR upon placement of a subsidized participant.

i. Will not occur if a member of the subsidized employee’s immediate family is the CONTRACTOR or a person engaged in an administrative capacity for the CONTRACTOR
a. Attend a mandatory subsidized employment program orientation before employment of a referred participant.
b. Register on the subsidized employment website at: https://ready2hire.org/ to register and set up a CONTRACTOR account to manage requests for employees and new hire information.
CONTRACTORS who fail to add their new hire information on the website will not receive wage reimbursement until completed.
c. Complete a monthly evaluation on-line when completing the invoice.
d. Designate a private location on site and permit DSS or EDC staff to speak with the employee at the work site if necessary.
e. Inform the DSS or EDC of job performance issues to seek resolution prior to termination.
f. Notify the DSS or EDC by telephone or email within five (5) working days of an employee’s termination Employer Requirements: